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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of a FrontNow® membership?

With a Trustware® Trustmark you can prove to your potential customers that you're doing a serious software product. Based on the test results we provide your customers with verified information about your business.

How long is the minimum contract term?

There is no minimum contract term on our certification packages. You can cancel your subscription at any time and we will not charge you for the next month. For annual billing, you can terminate your membership 30 days before the automatic annual renewal.

Can I get a demo certificate before signing up?

No. Since our certification process includes a series of complex manual certification steps, there is no way to get a demo certificate.

How can I check that the Trustmark is authentic?

The Trustware® Trustmark is only shown when there is an active certificate available. You can click on the certificate to verify the authenticity. If you suspect any abuse of a Trustmark you can file an abuse request on the corresponding certificate page.

Who stands behind these Trustmarks?

The trustmarks are issued by the Trustware, Inc. You'll find detailed information of the responsible certification manager on every certificate page.

Can my customers rate my product automatically after I signed up for the Trustware™ certificate?

The reviews are not enabled default. You'll have to active the customer reviews section on the request form.

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