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Our online platform connects you with suppliers who sell the exact products your current clientele is looking for.

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BRLO product launches on FrontNow, displayed on a Pro DisplayJars
BRLO, happy pilsner, product promotion BRLO its personal product launches on FrontNow, displayed on a Microsoft Surface
BRLO uses FrontNow to get listed in stores all over Germany.
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Discovery Box

Discover the next super trend in our Discovery Box

Tell us who your customers are and we will send you the next super trend for your target group to try out. In our Discovery Box, we'll show you products that are just right for your clientele - simply by mail, no hassle, no cost.

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Try new products by mail and test them as soon as you find the time.

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Fewer appointments. Talk only to suppliers of products that are worth considering.

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Be ahead of your competition. Discover new trending products before others do.

Little Lunch, tomato classic, product promotionLittle Lunch its personal product launches on FrontNow, displayed on an Ipad
Little Lunch uses FrontNow to streamline their communication with buyers.
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Connect directly with suppliers

Instead of meeting each supplier's salesperson in person, you can connect with them directly and digitally through our platform, making your purchasing more efficient. We are your direct connection to new products and super trends.

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Contact your suppliers directly. Simply write messages via our platform.

Save time and recources icon

Save time and resources. Meet only with selected and suitable suppliers.

Overview of product launches on FrontNow, displayed on a Macbook Pro
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Find products that fit your clientele

Use our online platform to discover new products for your market - which we pre-sort specifically for your customers' needs. It only takes 5 minutes to register with FrontNow.

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Increase sales with products that match your customers' needs.

Find retailers icon

Buyer at a glance. Detailed information pages for the first impression.

Retail market updates icon

Keep an eye on the market. Always up-to-date thanks to the newsfeed.

IDO BIO, greens comes true, vegetable juice, product promotionLittle Lunch product launch on FrontNow, displayed on an Iphone
I·DO uses FrontNow to find the best matching retail stores for their new product lines.
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Make the right decisions thanks to artificial intelligence

We know what products your audience loves – and connect you with their vendors. Our artificial intelligence is constantly learning and makes recommendations that increase your sales.

Buying behavior decoded. Our AI recommends the sensible next steps.

Better results with every decision. With every transaction, our AI learns.


The renaissance of local retail

We are the counter-movement to Amazon and the extinction of downtowns. We empower suppliers and retailers by connecting them and bringing the exact products their clientele are looking for to stores. Through smart software solutions, we digitize the communication between suppliers and shoppers and lead them together into the renaissance of local retail.

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Press Coverage

Lebensmittel Zeitung

Co-CEO of Zentis and Payback boss strengthen advisory board

The B2B start-up Front Now, which is developing a platform to digitise the product finding and listing process, is bringing industry expertise onto its advisory board. The co-CEO of Zentis and the Payback managing director are to advise the trio of founders alongside Duravit board member Stephan Tahy.

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Lebensmittel Zeitung

So there is still a chance for Berlin's retail trade

Retail sales continue to be poor. Buying behaviour has changed. Experts recommend more variety and the help of algorithms. Marc Funk, founder of the Berlin-based foodtech start-up FrontNow: "Only those who really know their customers and their needs will survive on the market. It's true that gut feeling is not a bad advisor and that experience has helped retailers to offer their segment in a customer-oriented way for decades, says Funk. But that is no longer enough.

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Have questions?

How much does it cost to use FrontNow?

The use of FrontNow is completely free of charge for merchants and does not involve any obligations.

How can I test products on an online platform?

Before you offer a product for sale in your market, you want to test it – that's only understandable. That's why we came up with the Discovery Box. In it, we put together different products that fit your clientele and send them to you by mail as a package. This way you can test the products at your leisure and get in touch with the suppliers digitally if there is something suitable for you.

Why do I need a tool to find new products for my market?

With the help of our online platform, we make sure that you only list products in your market that actually fit your clientele. This way we increase your sales per square meter and at the same time reduce your effort for finding and dealing with sales representatives of your potential suppliers. Our tool keeps a variety of products of the current super trends ready, so that your market is always on the pulse of time.

What added value does FrontNow offer me?

Our tool simplifies your process of finding new products for your market. With the help of our artificial intelligence, we match you with suppliers who develop products that fit your clientele. With our Discovery Box, we send you the products to test. This way, you can decide when to engage with product discovery and spend less time in sales calls.

What can I expect from FrontNow in the future?

We are constantly expanding the functionality of our tool. Not only is the artificial intelligence being enhanced to match you with the suppliers that fit your clientele. We are also working on a solution that will allow you to order products directly through our platform - without expensive middlemen and with a simplified and standardized accounting process.

How can I test FrontNow?

At the moment you can register for free and start using our tool directly. Or you can contact us and your contact person will introduce our tool to you personally.

More questions?

Feel free to contact our sales team or have a look at our help center. We are always here to help.