Our Mission

We are dedicated to assisting manufacturers of consumer goods to sell their products. At the same time, we want to help retailers find the right products for their customers. Consequently, FrontNow's goal is to increase sales for producers and retailers. But how do we do that? Through digitalization and a deep understanding of both sides, retailers and suppliers.

Our innovative software offers the following users a significant efficiency advantage in their day-to-day operations:

  • Producers of consumer goods (FMCGs)
  • Wholesalers and intermediaries
  • Stationary retailers
  • Online retailers

Through our easy-to-use product discovery platform, retailers can always follow the latest trends and adjust their product assortment accordingly. We rely on artificial intelligence for this. This uses data on buying behavior, income trends, socio-demographics, demand trends, and even weather changes to make precise predictions about what end customers want. We do this not only on a national level, but also on a local level. We therefore know what the end customer in the neighborhood of the supermarket or drugstore wants and is likely to want in the future.

The retailer can therefore adapt his product portfolio on the shelf to the needs of his customers at an early stage. This increases the attractiveness of the store for its customers and therefore also boosts sales.

This approach also gives consumer goods producers a massive advantage, because we bring them into exactly those stores where their product will be bought.

But that's not all. As a FrontNow customer, the producer of consumer goods can also solve many other problems on the way to the retailer's shelf and thereby into the end customer's shopping cart. Our range of additional modularly bookable services extends from purchase financing to support with legal advice and help in selecting the right partner for the necessary insurances required by retailers. For this purpose, we cooperate with specialized companies.

FrontNow's attention is focused on solving the problems of producers and retailers. This allows our customers and retail partners to focus on what they do best: Developing and producing outstanding products, or rather, selling them. Accordingly, we are constantly expanding our range of additional modular services and look forward to receiving feedback and suggestions from our partners.

Our founding team has a deep understanding of the problems faced by retailers and producers. One of us built a consumer goods company, one an online supermarket, and our CTO programmed an online supermarket years ago and is building the technical bridge between retail and suppliers at FrontNow.

Currently, FrontNow is still in the closed beta phase. Due to the high demand, we have decided to only gradually expand access to our platform. If you sign up here, we will be happy to notify you as soon as our product is also available for you.

With best regards from Berlin,

Marc Funk
Founder & Managing Director